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The Tricky Chick - Apollo

The Tricky Chick - Apollo


Personality Hats is a project inspired by personality. Apolo belongs to The Tricky Chick collection. Honest, a being of light. The god of Olympus Apollo, is the god of the sun, music and all the arts that make you vibrate. It transforms from a bag to a bandana and vice versa.

  • Shipment

    When buying "The Tricky Chick" at DOLIS this is the process of your product:

    1. Order confirmation:

    Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. The campaign will remain active until the announced end date.

    2. Production in our workshops:

    Once the campaign is over, production begins in our km 0 workshops, handmade in Barcelona.

    3. Shipment preparation:

    Within 10 days the production will be completed, and we will receive the products. When we have them with us we will begin to prepare all the orders. As soon as your order is ready to be sent we will inform you.

    4. Delivery:

    We will provide you with a tracking number by email with which you can track your order.

    Our THE TRICKY CHICK piece is an exclusive piece, designed and manufactured locally with unique high quality materials. Handmade, making each piece different.

    Therefore, take time and your patience is important! THE TRICKY CHICK is a haute couture product with a very low environmental impact, this requires more waiting time because production begins once the pre-sale is finished.

    By buying this product at DOLIS you are supporting local designers, and no material or energy is wasted in the manufacturing process, thus helping the planet. Few units in stock and maximum production on demand, so waste is less.

  • Size

    • Small: diameter of 50 cm to 55 cm
    • Big: diámeter of 56 cm to 60 cm
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